LESTIJDEN OPEN GYM: MAANDAG T/M VRIJDAG van 10:00-12:00 uur & 18:00-21:00 uur
WOENSDAG OCHTEND geen open gym.
Voor Algemene informatie zijn wij te bereiken op werkdagen van 10.00 uur-21.00 uur

Turfschip 19 8447 DM Heerenveen

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Silver Membership Plan

Our Silver membership plan is our most cost efficient plan that we offer. If you're budget conscious than is the perfect plan for you.

Annual membership - $240

Monthly membership$19.99

Bronze Membership Plan

Our Bronze plan is the next step up from the Silver plan and additionally it offers 2 free personal training sessions to whet your training appetite.

Annual membership - $380

Monthly membership$34.99

Gold Membership Plan

Our Gold plan is by far our most popular plan to date - it simply offers a great value at a reasonable rate.

Annual membership - $480

Monthly membership$49.99

Platinum membership plan

Our platinum plan is great for the fitness enthusiast. Not only do you get full access to everything but it also includes 10 personal training sessions.

Annual membership - $625

Monthly membership$69.99